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  • Who am I?
  • I currently live in a big US city that is very close to beach. The city is so big that it makes me feel myself like a miniature who lives cautiously and quietly.
    Although I am a foreigner to the city, but this is the place where I truly love: An hour to the east you can ski, like an eagle; and half an hour to the west you can surf, like a seagull. Only after you have been here will you ever know what the true ‘sunshine’ is!
    However, like many of you, do I really have time to enjoy this sunshine and beautiful outdoors? Look at me, an exhausted guy buried under those tedious and never-ending daily works; a guy who has never had any chance to stand on a ski-board, nor on a surfing-board. But what can I do? There are so many public elites and successful figures to follow, I can never let myself loose and relax.
  • Why I am doing this?
  • On Thanksgiving day of 2005, which is also known as “Black Friday”, many friends came to ask me where they could find sales promotions so that they would go there a day before and wait in line hoping that they can get some cheap stuff, even though in the end they would probably get nothing but a whole night stand-up.
    I know that in this city there are, as matter of fact, lots of deals going on, we are just not aware of it, or don’t have time to flip though piles and piles of paper commercials. From that time on, I started to have this idea of making a website where I upload those major deals for you so that you don’t have to look for them yourselves.
    Several months have passed, I finally had this beta-version website made for you. I hope that you will have time coming and browsing.
    I will try my best to update those deals on this web page at least once a day (or even shorter as long as nothing unexpected happens). Besides, I highly appreciate your comments, suggestions, feelings, or anything you want to say. Please don’t hesitate to send me e-mails to the following address. I look forward to seeing you here very often. Thanks a lot!
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